Why saving water is essential for us?

Water is an essential necessity. Wherever you may be, people require freshwater order to survive. The human body is made up of 60% water, so it’s only obvious that we need the resource to continue living. But aside from that, and a more often overlooked feature of clean water, is that is the same natural resource that serves an integral part in the production of our food, the clothes we wear, the computers and gadgets we use today, irrigation and waste management, and in maintaining not just our bodies, but the whole environment’s well-being.

However, it’s both a frightening and sad fact that people have proved to be a species that is inefficient when it comes to the usage of clean water. If you’re wondering how much clean water goes to waste, computations show that it requires approximately 2,400 liters (around 630 gallons) of the resource to make even just a simple hamburger. Now, imagine all the fast food chains and restaurants that serve this wonderful sandwich and you’ll come up with millions of liters that could have been saved had we found a more efficient way to produce this particular dish. Also, crops such as cotton, rice, corn, and others that we need in maintaining our quality of life are plants that need constant and regular irrigation. You can help reduce this huge problem within your own household, though, as there are appliances that are able to filter and purify your water, which lessens our overall consumption through sanitation and even aqua recycling. You can read the complete article here to see how you can contribute.

Studies conducted by the United Nations reveal that the usage of freshwater has bloated more than 2 times compared to the increase of population within the last 100 years. If the trend continues, a rough estimate of around 1.8 billion people will be living in areas that suffer from freshwater shortage. This is due to 2/3 of the population of the world residing in places that are considered water-stressed, meaning heavy depletion of the resource is a regular occurrence, which results from climate change, wasteful usage, and population growth.

If you live in a globalized, modernized city, then it may not seem obvious that there really is a problem regarding the world’s freshwater supply. Geography, a city’s general structure, climate, management, and economy play a huge part in this. So, while others in less industrialized places, particularly in areas that are currently in the process of modernization, face long droughts that destroy crops and interrupt overall production of commodities, and have to endure an alarming amount of pollution caused by the fallouts of societal development, those living in already modernized cities or towns remain relatively safe. In places yet to be fully developed, clean and potable water is either uncommon or worse, it becomes overpriced.

An affordable and easy-to-use partial solution to this problem is by having an effective, quality water softener system installed in your very own home. This link has a list of brands and models that are at the top of reviewers’ lists.


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